Cyber-Security Framework: Detect

Identify the occurrence of a Cyber Security event to provide organization’s the ability to resolve in a timely manner.


The Detect Function is to develop and implement the appropriate activities to identify the occurrence of a Cyber Security event. 

Similar to having items like smoke detectors and alarms installed in your home. These devices are designed  to alert you of  any dangers or threats. The Detect phase provides the same type of alerts for your Cyber Security Landscape.

  • Implement a SIEM to collect information about your environment
  • Setup Devices to send logs to SIEM
  • Setup software solutions such as application whitelisting to forward security evens to SIEM
Benefit to Business
  • Provides real time alerts and threat notifications
  • Provides visibility into critical security events
  • Correlates data from many sources to identify Patient Zero
  • Managed Detection and Response to Security Events
  • Human and AI analytics to reduce false positives
Next Step
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