Cyber-Security Framework: Identify

Provide the business insight into the Cyber-Security Risks in the organization  so it can manage the cyber-security risk present in systems, assets, data, and Networks.

  1. Identify Asset Vendor
  2. Identify Asset Operating System
  3. Identify Asset Vulnerabilities
  4. Identify External and Internal Cyber-Security Risks
  5. Provide Actionable Data so Identified Risks can be Mitigated
  6. Develop Remediation Plan

Conduct Level 1 Cyber-Security Penatration Test

  • Scan External Public Facing Network for Vulnerabilities
  • Scan Internal Network to Collection Inventory
  • Utilizing Inventory Collection Scanning Assets for Vulnerabilities
  • Validate Successful Remediation through Level 1 Pen Test Re-Test
Timeline to Complete
  • 3 Business Days to Complete Level 1 Pen Test
  • 3 Days to Gather Pen Test Results and Generate Actionable Report
  • 1 Business Day to Review Pen Test Results and Discuss Mitigation Steps
  • 10 Business Days to Mitigate Issues Presented in Pen Test Results Report
  • 3 Business Days to Retest and Validate Completion
  • Level 1 Pen Test Costs Varies. Please Reach Out to Discuss a Custom Tailored Solution Crafted for Your Business
  • Business can Utilize In-House Staff to Mitigate Presented Cyber-Security Risks
  • Chattertel can Provide Security and System Engineers to Mitigate Risks
  • Retest to Validate Successful Remediation = Included with Level 1 Pen Test
Next Step
  • Contact Chattertel to Get a Custom Tailored Solution Started for Your Business
  • Chattertel Will Provide Statement of Work and Release Forms
  • Once Executed Documents are Returned and Work Will be Scheduled
  • Lead Time to Start Level 1 Pen Test = 5-10 Business Days